What’s the Rage About?



If you are viewing this you are more than just a fun person, you enjoy taking risks too!

Hi all! My name is Reese! The name is short for my real name, Charise [Sha-reese]. Just think of a reeses candy bar then you’ll get the idea. Just to share a little about me: I am a 23 year-old from Oxon Hill, MD a.k.a the DMV (D.C., MD, VA). I’ve recently graduated from Bowie State University in May 2014 (whoop! whoop!). I currently work at Urban Outfitters as a sales associate and specialize in marketing strategies for my store location’s internal blogging site in Chinatown, D.C. I am also a freelance writer for the AFRO-American Newspaper. I love, love, love fashion and how to find innovative strategies to looking chic on a budget! I enjoy exploring, being adventurous, daring, and inspiring! If I’m not creating, writing or playing personal shopper for a customer, I am enjoying a sip of wine, binge eating on Maryland crabs, jamming to Beyonce (live) or trap music on Spotify… =). Why should you rage about Reese? I will showcase nothing but fashion and anything inspirational. You’ll get to see all of my fashion looks, how to be frugal and still be fashion forward. I hope to also display anything inspirational to me whether it is an artist, artwork, a homeless man-whatever! In return I hope my readers will be intrigued by what I am fond of. You’ll just have to see it to believe! =)


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