Simply a Goddess


Hey everyone! 

I’m excited to curate my first post about my style and ways to create different looks with different pieces of clothing and accessories without much effort. This post and look focuses on utilizing accessories to a minimum and when it is a good time to wear your sexy leotard a.k.a bodysuit.

I usually don’t wear much jewelry or accessories, but when I do, I make sure it’s a statement piece! Since I am currently rocking braids for partial of the summer, I need to be creative with my hairstyles sometimes other than just wearing my hair out with no design or accessories (that’s so boring, and my hair gets in my face too much for all of that!). So I chose to wear a gold feathered chain headband (from Claire’s) to give my outfit not too much of a simple look. I then added a gold, pendant cuff bracelet (also from Claire’s!) to give my outfit more pizazz! I’m beginning to let my nails blossom, as I am a recovering nail biter (ehh), so I painted my nails a matte grey (the nail polish is described as elephant), and added some funky rings to still make my look less boring (I think your’e getting the idea now!).

About the leotard: I am wearing my newest clothing item I got from Urban It’s from Out From Under (OFU) and is described as a ribbed bodysuit. The color is described as “white,” but I would clearly state it as cream or ivory. Most bodysuits are worn as a top as a way to trick non-fashionistas on what is really underneath that outfit of yours. I love how you can wear this bodysuit with pretty much any bottom, as long as it blends well with your entire outfit. It’s easy, it’s fun, and probably the only tricky part is trying to use the bathroom (oops!), but trust me…it’s worth it!

Bottom: Tripp NYC army fatigue destroyed jeans from Urban Outfitters

Shoes: All-white leather Converse


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