A Day Near the Infamous Cliff

RAGEIMG_5199 2

I’m backkkk! I’m back with more exciting details on my most recent adventure and fashion tips!

Yesterday, I decided to go to Georgetown to sell some of my clothes at Buffalo Exchange that I don’t plan on wearing ever again, because my fashion sense is always evolving. A little fashion advice to all who dislikes change, “fashion is fashion and is a continuous cycle…what’s considered old now will come back later more fashionable and modern.” =)

Any who, after I made a little extra cash, a friend of mine and I decided to take a little detour to the infamous cliff near Waterfront Street. I call it infamous, because anything and everything happens down there. It is a free, spiritual and somewhat romantic environment where all walks of life can just be themselves and be one with nature.

My look: My look I chose for that day was a bit funky, sporty and casual. I thought to myself, I want to still have that adventurous look so I can walk/run up and down the dirt grounds and unexpected trash, but still keep my look stylish at the same time.

As you can tell by my outfit I love layering! I love layering because I’m always cold no matter where I’m at or might end up, so I added a light wind-breaker Members Only jacket that can be easily tied around the waist so you can still see my full outfit, and I could still put my jacket on when I am cold so my look won’t be entirely thrown off. My lace pink tights are also essential to my outfit. They were lace leggings at some point in time, but I cut them just so I can wear them under shorts like this (ha,ha!). I know the pink tights doesn’t really blend in with the rest of my colors in my look, so I made sure my pink backpack matched my lace pink tights!

Disclaimer: if you’re not sure on how to blend, or match the colors within your outfit (especially if you feel the need it should go with your outfit, and clearly it doesn’t), make sure to add an extra accessory: a bag, bracelet, hair jewelry etc. that matches that exact color so that color that was once odd in your outfit can now work!

Where did you get your clothes/accessories from?

Top: Urban Outfitters in Seattle, Washington; Members Only jacket from T.J Maxx

Bottom: Floral jean shorts at some random thrift store in Brooklyn, New York; Lace tights from Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Leather white Converse, Urban Outfitters

Accessories:  Ruffle socks from Urban Outfitters; rings from Ocean City boardwalk and Forever 21; Backpack from Urban Outfitters

Makeup: Lipstick called “Diva” by MAC Cosmetics


RAGE2IMG_5202 2IMG_5200 2


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