How Wearing a Feather Brooch Changed My Life…Wardrobe Life!


You’re probably wondering how did a simple brooch change my life? Yes, a brooch that you may usually find on an elderly woman going to church or a lady who has been sophisticated all her life wearing from the most quirkiest brooch, to the most bedazzled crystalized brooch. Most brooches are found near the register at your local thrift-store, and some maybe found in classic department stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom.


I own a few rare designed brooches that I found at local thrift-stores in Maryland and Virginia, and I have to say, I had know idea how I would be creative and modern wearing a brooch. I didn’t want to look old-school, back when my mom would wear one on a special occasion, like on a Christmas or Halloween sweater (ha! ha!). I wanted to wear it in a way to capture someone’s eye, and have someone believing that it isn’t a brooch I’m wearing unless I mention it, and I succeeded!


I decided to wear my gold-feather brooch design to work one day, and grabbed some of my coworkers attention, as they assumed I was wearing a belt–total opposite from what I was actually wearing! I wore the brooch to emphasize my look for the day, but the main reason was because I had a wardrobe malfunction. Yes, I am one of those girls who own’s a pair of jeans with no button or clasp (Thank God, I at least have a zipper to partially hold my jeans together at the waist)! So I love these jeans I’m wearing in the photos and don’t plan on giving them up anytime soon, so I thought in order for me to wear these jeans, I can just wear a belt, but based on my outfit of choice, no belt I owned matched, but the gold feather brooch I own did. So I thought…Mmmm…I can just pin together the brooch wear the button/clasp previously belonged, so I did! I guess it’s safe to say now that I wore a brooch as a belt =).



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