Testing The Waters: Giving Boyish Chic

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Like any other day, I’m grappling in my head on not only where am I heading for the day, but what am I going to wear?

I’m not the type to really plan an outfit out the night before unless I am traveling and I realize as I talk to myself in first-person saying, “Charise, now you know you’re on a tight schedule before you leave for your eventful trip and the last thing you want to worry about is, “what am I going to wear”?”

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Other than those occasions, I go with the flow with my look for the day. Sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes I just know I want to wear a certain top or a pair of pants, but I play with my look by trying on different pieces to match and let the results fall into place.

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This is exactly an example of what I did with my look this past Saturday.

My outfits has a lot to do with how I’m feeling and the appropriate occasion to wear certain looks of mine. I am a girly girly with an edgy and sometimes boyish style.

Lately, I’ve been rocking sporty sneakers that have made a huge impact in the modern fashion world as of now. All things I wear and what most people may not realize they wear especially if it is a new or re-made design is that its recycled fashion that is modernized to fit the fashion forward industry we live in. I’m so drawn by that whole idea of fashion, but that’s another story.

My look for that day reflected upon not giving too much, but just enough to show that I am a comfy girl with style (which is usually my thoughts when I get dressed daily).

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What I Wore:

Top- denim sheer blouse from T.J. Maxx (I accentuated the top’s look to make it less dramatic by just tying it towards the front)

Bottoms- My favorite pants that give a lot of structure towards my bottom-half and I got them from T.J Maxx

Shoes- Reebok from Urban Outfitters

Accessories- my newest and favorite necklace I own from Free People


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