Chic Pencil Skirts: A Fall Trend That I Can Get Used To


Every season I am almost always browsing what’s trending versus what’s fit for my sense of style despite what other people think. The first thing that gravitates to my attention is usually because of the color, texture, shape or detailing of any clothing piece that I believe believe suits me well. With that being said, I sometimes take risks, which is what you have to do majority of the time to stand-out of the ordinary when it comes to fashion. I decided to do just that on this beautiful, yet temperature dropping day over the weekend. I wore a skirt, something I am rarely am seen in, but none-the-less realize that most people don’t seem to recognize it until I bring it to their attention. Their’s multiple reasons why I don’t usually wear skirts, but to keep it simple, I’m just more comfortable without one. My opinion on that suddenly shifted once I laid eyes on this particular skirt above, a mid-length pencil skirt, made out of a suede material. I found it at a thrift store, as well as others I’ve drawn to love and feel that no woman should leave this out of their wardrobe. I now own four pencil skirts: two from thrift shops, one from South Moon Under and another from T.J Maxx.

I like this skirt because it’s subtle, but vibrant at the same time based on it’s color red. How many people you know own a red pencil skirt, made out of such a trendy material for the Fall? If you do, please bring this to my knowledge because I’m in love with suede materials! I’ve realized also, if I’m going to wear a skirt it has to be fitted to show my shape (I’m small, but I have a cute waist and just enough hip expansion to not look completely off from my body type). So now I am taking a stand to appreciate a nice fitted skirt for the Fall, and maybe following Spring. There so easy to put on and you can get creative with how you wear it. You can go without tights, with tights or even with an artsy pair of socks to make your look complete.



Top: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Bottom: Skirt from the thrift store

Shoes: Leather Converse from Urban Outfitters

Accessories: Necklace and socks from Urban Outfitters



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