Puerto Rican Lifestylllllle!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been posting as often as I try to, but this post is special to me because I recently just came back from a place that has got to be THE MOST best experiences of my life thus far–Puerto Rico!

Isla verde 1
Second Day in Puerto Rico at Isla Verde Beach: One-piece from H&M

From the moment my family and I landed off the plane and began our journey as we exited the airport I felt like I was somewhere I’m not used to visiting. We got to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Nov. 10 and left on Friday, Nov. 14. So just imagine where I live on the East Coast during the Fall season there’s some cold days and some mild days, but for once I got to experience what islanders experience all-year-round. It was practically in the 80’s all day and every day. Talk about a dream come true! At least for me. I hate cold weather and love to soak up every moment of the sun and amazing weather every chance I can get. And this time it was that moment for me.

I just want my viewers and readers to understand that these images that I specifically captured is what I envisioned as art, a moment in time, a blissful feeling that should be appreciated no matter what country, city, state, island or even rain forest you visit.

San Juan 1


I got to experience the food, drinks, Old San Juan, Plaza Las Americas, Isla Verde Beach, casinos, huge lizards (that aren’t scared of you like the smaller ones back home, lol), annoying sand fleas (that bite and itch like mosquito bites), The Rain Forest, Chango birds, clear waters, “The Drive” (strips of bars/restaurants and gift shops), fresh coconuts, coqui (a frog), and sites of low-income family homes (most balconies are centered around a cage! It’s weird, but cool at the same time).

There was a lot more culture that I could’ve got to see, but based on our time spent in the beautiful city of San Juan it was practically too much to do! We spent a lot of our time relaxing too, which is most important, especially if you’re visiting a beautiful island you’ve never been to before. That on it’s own is what a vacation is supposed to be.

Puerto Rico 1

I had no idea what to really wear since I’m used to layering up during the Fall season. I was definitely myself, but included essential items like low-cut tops, shorts and dresses that speaks Puerto Rican weather!

The images of my outfits speak for itself! As you can see I’m still layered because no matter where I’m at I some how end up cold (the only time it got a slightly cold was at night). Either way I felt at ease wearing dresses most of the days, and not having to worry about putting on a scarf or a heavy coat. The greatest feeling of all on this trip was knowing that everyday that I woke up and looked out at the beach from my hotel balcony I knew it was a beautiful day…because every day in Puerto Rico (rainy or not) is beautiful.

Rain Forest 1
Last Day in Puerto Rico Visiting The Rain Forest: Dress- Top Shop; Messenger Bag-Gucci (it’s my sisters, lol); Cranberry Glitter Socks- Top Shop; Shoes- Reebok (Urban Outfitters); Metallic Cap- Urban Outfitters









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