~A Lil Inspo~

Hey Y’all! I’ve always wanted to share photographic images like these new to you all just to bring out my creativity a little more to the table. No, it isn’t something that I captured through a lens, but I captured this image through my own perception of how I view life in many ways. I love photos as in these and I will be sharing a lot more inspirational photos whether it’s my own original work or someone else’s, either way it deserves to be recognized and I am here to show you all my kind of taste in art!

4 things to know when I view inspirational artwork and collide it with fashion:

1. I appreciate the COLOR wheel: Even though if I were to create my own it would be out of this WORLD (no, really)! From vibrant, subtle, and pastels, these adore me the most!

2. I adore PRINTS…not repeated patterns though: When I say this I am not saying that I am not a fan of animal prints, stripes etc., but when I see it redesigned in a way that is unimaginable is what blows my mind more. In other words…I love uniqueness in prints.

3. STRUCTURE is everything: I love it when no matter what brand it is, but usually (and of course) it’s the high-end brands that can surpass this test, but structure and design is what makes a look original, cut-throat and dangerously gorgeous!

4. RURAL areas: When you capture a photo of indigenous families, children, homes etc. it’s actually way more beautiful than looking at a million dollar mansion. You may think I’m crazy but it’s real…grimey and it’s embodied almost always through the eyes of major fashion designers on the runway!



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