Love To Act Like A Tourist In My City!



It’s good when you’re able to explore the surroundings of other cities and places, but it’s vital to get to know and experience the multitude of opportunities when you’re right in you’re neck of the woods! Recently, I took the time to venture out in Washington D.C. (ironically, my main job is located in the heart of Chinatown), particularly to visit museums, and now I want/have to make it my goal to see hopefully every museum there is in D.C. now!


I haven’t been to a museum in D.C since high school (sad, right?). But I have gone to other museums outside of the DMV area in the past two years. I appreciate everything about exhibits and the levels of meaning behind it all. It’s great when you get to see works of art come together; The stories behind prominent figures, textures, colors and atmosphere of it all makes it that much more intriguing to look at!

I went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum where I saw them honor big time fashion designers, political figures, embrace Indian culture and lots of passionate artist who had a knack for creating some of the most exclusive art there is!

Painted Picture

Had I not known most museums now-a-days really dislike when people take photos of other work I would’ve taken a lot more photos, but next time I plan on being more discrete!




Of course I’ll share what I’m wearing! Dressing like an art enthusiast is the next best part about visiting museums!

Head-to-toe Urban Outfitters: Color-Block Sherpa Hat; Faux Leather Jacket; All Black Jumper; Project Social Lace-Up Top; Miista Boots; And Oversized Cardigan

Coach Umbrella- Coach Outlet

Hand-Crafted Creole Bangle- Mini market in Puerto Rico








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