Tropical Reese

Spring 3


Just because Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet doesn’t mean I can’t bring tropical vibes to my home. So I did.

Spring 2

The weather has been really treacherous lately and it’s known to have rain more times this season than ever before on the east coast. I had to get out of this gloomy weather funk so on a day that it was in the upper 60’s with no rain in sight, I chose the most sunniest room in my house–the sun room!

Spring 1

I hardly ever use my sun room as a cozy place to sit and vibe out, but in early May, I did. It also makes it a perfect spot to relax because of the vibrant colors, floral prints and oversized plants that have me feeling like I’m not even in Kansas anymore (figuratively speaking).

Spring 4


Stripe Navy Blue Romper; Urban Outfitters; $7!!

Michael Kors Platform Heels; TJ Maxx; $39.99

Calvin Klein Dat Hat; Urban Outfitters; $23

Rings; Urban Outfitters; $6-10



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