Local Millennials Draws Attention Through Their Styles and Sounds


I’m backkkkkkk!!!

(Knoimnot [left], Makeda)
So this past Sunday was an unforgettable experience none-the-less. My job, Urban Outfitters in Chinatown, Washington, D.C. hosted there very first art exposè made up of a handful of local designers, artists and DJ’s called Dreamers and Doers.

 Curators and U.O employees, Makeda of DC’s social platform ACreativeDC, Koleco who goes by his DJ name Knoimnot, and store manager, George Hernandez put their creative minds to work to implement the UO brand and bring attraction to D.C’s community.

(Above: Mvrjoni)

What was so magical, was that as soon as you walked into the retail shop you saw more than just the trendy hippie 70’s attire for what UO is most noted for. You saw orgamic artists: Trap Bob who was live painting and promoting her pop art aesthetics and a sculptor, Mvrjoni who presented her  African art of female figures.
That was just the intro-the real party was on the upper level. Sounds were buzzing from two distinct DJ’s, FRANKLIN  who played during the opening session and Knoimnot during the second-half.

It was a mix between old school and modern sounds of Hip Hop, R&B soul, 90’s and electronic. The energy in the room was uplifting and energetic, and somehow you felt as if all the cool kids came out for a family reunion.

It was a social event, with lots of networking, good music and authentic designs of clothing, sculptures, interior designs, paintings, post cards, visual photography and more.

I can go on and on about what went down and who showed up and showed out, but I’m going to let the images I captured tell the story.
Local artists and designers: Sydney Vernon, Introspective Sky, FRANKLIN, Knoimnot, Filthy Savior, Trap Bob, Mvrjoni, Brains and Merima Repesa of MeriMart.


Merima Repesa

Sydney Vernon  

 Filfthy Savior

   Please take the time to follow these creators on social media. All are on Instagram and some are on Twitter!



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