The Hirshhorn Experience



I tell myself pretty often that I would explore my city of the Nation’s Capitol more frequently (preferably twice-a-month). So far, I’ve explored the unimaginable, yet historic National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) which was unbelievably vast that I need a second visit. While I wait, I want to see the dozens of other museums that represent the art and culture of U.S. citizens respectively. Hirshhorn museum was just what I needed and I look forward to more exhibitions to arrive soon.

Now, I did not get to see all of what Hirshhorn had to offer but I saw enough to go “Wow.”

What I saw that stuck with me was the latest exhibition called Robert Kjartannson, and it was simply full of his quirky antics, sorrow moments, music and his mom (spitting miraculously on him). “Women in E” was another eye-catching moment, as you walked through a gold, shimmery draped incubator and watched a woman (she was Black too =)) playing a guitar on the same note continuously in a daze. She was fully natural and when I mean fully-I MEAN FULLY. To her hair, human authenticity and even her underarm hairs were sprouting like no other!

Overall, I enjoyed the simplicity and vibrancy of what the artists represented through their vision. I appreciate all art work and maybe down the line of my success I can have my own imagery to showcase too.


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Want to know what I’m wearing for the day (Nov. 2)?

Here’s the breakdown:

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Dress: Cheap Monday

Top: sheer denim long sleeve top from T.J. Maxx

Accessories: mini tote bag by Coach









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