Giving Back With City of Gods


We’re all finally in the season of giving. I am excited and overwhelmed this year because this time, I’ve experienced the true meaning of giving not only to family and friends, but to the public.

On Thanksgiving morning, I helped out a friend and colleague of mine who lives in Baltimore, MD, and works as an apprentice for a clothing store boutique called City of Gods. That morning the retail space held a special breakfast for specifically the homeless, which opened my eyes to the other side of reality when things get tough and people are much less fortunate than myself.

My colleague Juwan, myself and a few others roamed the streets of West Baltimore (N. Carlton Street, Hollins Street, Fairmount Ave. and more) to find people in need of some love, help and of course who look to be living day-by-day on the streets.

This will be City of God’s second breakfast ran for the homeless during the time that every person no matter what circumstance should be counting their blessings and being with the ones that they love. Fresh donuts from Dunkin Donuts were provided, breakfast sandwiches and plenty of water, coffee and even can goods were given out.

There was also clothes, toys and accessories being donated and provided back to the homeless.

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It really made my heart feel warm when I was doing something other than for myself, that I had to learn more about this company and their story. I ended up speaking to the co-owner and face of City of Gods, Terrance Frazier himself. He is also second cousin’s to one of the most popular radio host out in D.C. named Shorty Da Prince from 95.5 WPGC.

My colleague Juwan and co-owner Terrance Frazier

“I think people have helped overall to spread the message,” Frazier said.

Frazier is originally from New York, then moved to Baltimore in the 90’s.

The 44-year-old (who btw looks to be going on 30!) explained to me how the shop has been around for more than five years and started out as a flea market style shop with him and a few other partners who fused their brands together into one whole community brand.

The boutique sells urban style clothing with its own originality. It’s simple, yet stands out on its own giving sporty looks that fit the reality of Baltimore’s youth and people’s inner-city lifestyle. They have everything from graphic tees (which are a top seller), hoodies, varsity jackets and more. Prices range from $30 and up and it is unisex so no need be afraid to grab some flirty and/or savage gear =).

The homeless breakfast was only a small dosage of what the brand is doing for their community because it’s also a place for exclusive events, gatherings, reading discussions, music, poetry and more.

“It started more as like a music movement, but we are all activists at heart,” Frazier said. “We have a mix of people who are active in the community doing something for change as well as musicians, artists and poets. The God’s brand is more like greatness in anything that you do. We try to get that point across. This brand is something that you can represent because we want to see the best in everybody.”

This is a journey for City of Gods that will be forever in their favor because they’re showing in a unique way what needs to happen for their city one step at a time.


“I’m thankful for having a right mind and mentally strong, mind barriers that will take me into another space,” he said.

Check out their website and follow them on social media:; Instagram: Godsneverdie




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