D.C. Takes NYFW!


Hello, my beautiful people! I’m back as if I never left. This time with more adventure, excitement, and FASHION!

I have so much to share with you guys, but I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I only hope you all will inspired by my journey.

Let me just leave this right here: my friends and I had a blast despite the below frigid weather like  conditions. We had gotten there just in time for the snow to land in NYC, but that wasn’t going to stop our trip. It was just another part of our adventure.

Last year, during Spring ’16 NYFW it was a difference experience. I was on multiple assignments covering a fashion show for the AFRO and volunteering at a fashion event. It was a different avenue of being a part of the fashion industry which is ideally what I aspire to keep doing. But this second time around was for pure networking, kicking it with friends who love fashion just as much as me and everlasting moments!

Jas and I in front of our townhouse we rented in the Bronx

My partner in crime fashionistas was my friend/co-worker Lake and my long-time friend Jas. We chose to stay in the Bronx, NY using Airbnb. It was a three-story townhouse owned by a very easy-going guy named Mark. The room was cheap, spacious, clean and even had its own private backyard. Yes, that’s a win in my book.


Lake (left), Jas (right) as we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge!


Fashion Week took place from Feb. 9-16. We decided to go Feb. 12-14. I would’ve stayed longer, but


Anywho, so we went primarily to network, to be in-the-mix of it all and to create our own memories with endless site-seeing and photo shoots. We did what we could and made the best out of it.

So since I am a blogger and a contributor for the AFRO-American Newspaper, I am half-way towards the finish line! But since I wasn’t on an assignment, just strictly networking and doing my own business, I went as a blogger.

I emailed a handful of designers like, Gypsy Sport, Altuzarra, Brandon Maxwell and others. But only Altuzarra wrote back to inform me that the capacity had been reached. I’m just more surprised that they even wrote me back! That means I’m one step closer to attending their show for spring/summer 18’…just wait on it.

Any who, so we went primarily to network, to be in-the-mix of it all and to create our own memories with endless site-seeing and photo shoots. We did all that we had time for and had access to to make the best out of our experience.



We took the subway throughout our trip. That wasn’t the difficult part (finally). It was trying to figure out exactly where the rest of the street fashionistas were and getting closer to all of the major shows.


On top of a hill at Central Park


We knew where: Clarkson Square and West-Soho was where it was poppin’, and even Brooklyn had its own spin on NYFW. The major shows are usually held near the meat-packing district, that now looks like a construction site, only with a few fashion venues that were hosting shows after fashion week (sucks right?).

I do have a few friends living in NY that tried to guide me throughout that busy week, but they were not in the loop of what was going on at the moment I arrived, they were only hip to earlier fashion week events, like a Fendi party that occurred on my birthday, Feb. 10! Until…I posted a photo of me at Central Park and a long-time buddy that I’ve been meaning to meet who is actually from NY but currently lives in L.A, named Jason messaged me to let me know that he’s here for NYFW as well.

Jason almost got us into a show called Art Heart Fashion, but I don’t think anyone can get over on inviting plus three, so that was a bust, haha! But he did show us how we can get into their afterparty at a Japanese restaurant called, Magu. So the night began for us to finally be a part of fashion week. I networked, met some cool bloggers and finally met up with Jason, he’s a men’s fashion blogger (Instagram: Afrisager). We’ve literally been trying to meet to do a photoshoot since April 2016 when I was in Cali-crazy right?!


On top of me meeting him in person for my first time, he surprised me with my former fashion professor from Bowie State University, Yanique Moore. Yanique is everything, I swear! I was so excited to know that they were together and we were all going to be hanging out during fashion week.

Yanique is a talented handbag designer of Ollie Quinn collection. She has been in magazines like In-Style and Harpers Bazarr for her work. She is from the DMV (D.C., MD, VA) like me.

Overall, the trip was fun, cold, filled with great style, new bonds, and lots and lots of mistakes that we now won’t make again for our next go-round. Especially for my solo trips…

We also shopped at a number of thrift shops and discovered new ones. I’ll give you details next time on what I got and where to thrift when you’re in the big apple!







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