VH1’s ‘Save the Music’ x Urban Outfitters Showcased Raw Talented Artists, Street Style Was Spotted and More!


If you so happened to stop by Urban Outfitter’s flagship store in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. on March 25, 2017, then you were probably expecting some sort of peaceful shopping trip. Instead, you got one exclusive shopping experience with live entertainment, art and fashion from young, hungry artists from the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area.

Sponsored by VH1 Save the Music, this organization primarily helps fund public schools with new musical instruments to students who are less fortunate.

I was in the midst of it all and captured moments that were incredibly breathtaking. There were crowds filled with inclusive vibes, culture, and originality on another level.

As you can see, 90’s fashion is going nowhere no time soon. Millennials to now, Generation X at the event were rocking mom jeans, wide-leg pants, crop tops, and oversized t-shirts and sweaters, and a slew of other retro aesthetics.

I must say though, I do appreciate it because I am a proud ’90s baby!


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“I always think of new ways to express myself each and every day,” said datrealdrummer (right). “I try to to tap into unlocking more character out of myself (as he sings Rae Sremmurd song “Unlock The Swag”)

The event lasted from 3-9 p.m., with performances from music group/company Last Niight, who helped pulled this event together thanks to artists, Niko; street performer, @datrealdrummer (Malike Stewart), soulful singer Saba Abraha and more.


“When the show goes on, it might be a another type of energy than what you’ve practiced,” datrealdrummer said. “But once I got in the door I just felt good vibes. Colors also play a part. Urban outfitters has some great color schemes, so it was really good to see colors match with good sound and music.”

According to DJ, knoimknot (co-owner of Last Night), approximately 3,000 attendees came out that day. Even people were watching from outside of the store near the display windows. Let’s just say it got really real.

Check out the video I created that practically captured overall what the event was looking like.

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