When Great Minds Think Alike But Solange Wore it Better




I don’t think it’s quite common that one of your admiring stylish queens, a soulful air of fresh flowers at that, ends up mirroring the exact idea you had to pull off a red monochrome ensemble. But Solange and I did just that!

I spent long hours (all day actually) covering one of the biggest festivals in the urban community of D.C., Broccoli City Festival. I had media access to Facebook Live (for the AFRO-American Newspaper) the event and interview attendees along the way.

The weather wasn’t at all my cup of tea that day, and for some odd reason every time   I attend BC Fest it always seems to rain. But it’s nevertheless an experience that I don’t want to miss.

Solange was the second to last performer to hit the main stage, but around that time everything was going on. Other performers were late and one by the name of Lil Yachty was soon busy getting the crowd hyped for the punk rock aesthetic, artsy pop type of crowd. I didn’t want to miss that by the way. My point is it clashed with Solange’s turn to shine bright. You had to let go of one or somehow see both and miss the beginning and ending of one of the two.

Also, around that time (which was close to 8 pmEST.) phones were losing signal, dying, and most just wanted rush to the front to be as close as possible so somehow you can feel Solange’s glowing energy.

I missed the first half of her performance. My phone was one that completely turned chopped and screwed since Atlanta rapper, 21 Savage started performing around 5 pmEST. I made it work for what my assignment intended which was to report and remember that the show must go on even if things start to go left.

Once I finally made it through V.I.P and towards the front gate I knew there was no way I can actually be exactly where I want to (which was in the center front row) but I was closer to the leg of the front. I made it through though despite me having to stop all I’m doing to charge my phone and arrive at the half-end of Solange’s performance. I made it work. As always. My camera (Nixon t5i) helped too. People know how to get out the way when they see you got a professional camera strapped on you.

As soon as I took a moment to breathe I looked up with my camera ready to snap away some photos of her entire vibe. Then I started to notice something. Her entire band, performers and the eclectic soul herself created a fashion movement wearing an all red monochrome from head-to-toe. I took that moment to double take on what I was wearing and we somehow pulled off the most bold, vibrant, yet coordinated look that was almost identical. I had on red long pants and a red long top and so did she. I had curly natural hair running wild and so did she.

I did manage to spice up the rest of my outfit, specifically because it was cold so my tangerine orange clear visor and color block trench raincoat just worked and made me warm. I had on multiple layers.

But in that moment of realization I felt something deeper than what other female and male fans may have tried to grasp on to from her. I felt inseparable and so at ease at that moment. I knew then we connected on a deeper level that most were just too blind to see.

The only thing I knew that needed to happen next was me actually meeting her, but let’s just say I was close…very close…but not uite where I needed to be so she can meet that bish that complimented her look =).




rageaboutreese bcfest
Standing next to a good friend of mine’s sister’s painting, a collab with BC Fest. Her name is @TrapBob on social media



saint heron1

My full outfit breakdown:

Bottoms: Urban Outfitters brand jogger pants ($6) (still available online)

Top: Sheer red body suit from Urban Outfitters ($13)

Shoes: UO brand combat boots still available at Urban Outfitters ($20)

Accessories: gold layered chain waist belt from a thrift store (less than $5); clear tangerine orange visor from Urban Outfitters (still available online) ($12)

Outerwear: color block thin-layer trench raincoat by Ou 4 ysa; from Urban Outfitters online  ($17)




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